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The Truth About Training your Curls: Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever wished that your hair curled differently? I’ve seen so many influencers all over Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube claiming they have been training their curls to become more defined over time. But is it actually true that hair texture is something that can be changed or "trained" over time? Let’s settle this debate once in for all. In this post, we'll be discussing whether or not it's possible to train your hair to curl “better” or “differently”.

Let's first begin with the science behind hair texture. Our DNA largely determines the texture of our hair and as you may know, you get your DNA from both parents. So, that means that if two people with curly hair and straight hair have a baby, the baby will likely come out with wavy hair.

You understand genetics, but what actually causes curly or wavy hair to begin with? Well, when we grow our hair, it comes out from tiny holes (or "pores") in our scalp called hair follicles. These hair follicles, whose shapes are influenced by genes, determine the texture of our hair.

Because of your DNA, you may have perfectly round follicles which, in this case, your hair would be straight. Alternatively, your DNA could cause you to have oval-shaped follicles, resulting in curly hair. Or you could have a mix between round and oval follicles in your DNA and in this case, your hair would be wavy. The shape of these holes determines how your hair grows out.

Another thing to understand is that your hair is not considered alive once it reaches the surface of a hair follicle. Every hair strand you see is nothing more than dead cells. However, before the hair strand comes out of the hair follicle, it is considered alive and that is why it’s important to nourish your hair from the inside. Your hair is growing before you can even physically see it so, therefore, how healthy your hair grows out depends on how much nutrients you are putting into your body.

Now that you understand the science behind our hair and how it is determined by genetics, do you still believe you can train your curls? Well, we are here to tell you that the answer is no, you cannot train your curls. Hair is not like a muscle where it can learn to take shape. Because it is considered dead, it does not have the capacity to “learn”. However, that doesn't mean that you can't achieve the look you want.

A lot of these videos you see online are people manipulating the shape of their curls by twirling them around their fingers, using wet sets, and other techniques. No matter how many times you do it, your hair will never learn to keep that shape.

While you cannot technically alter the shape of your curls, you can enhance their definition and shape by giving them a little bit of TLC and using the right products. When you stay away from heat damage, get regular trims, protect your curls from rough conditions, and also deep condition regularly, your curls may come out less frizzy, bouncier, and more defined.

Finally, keep in mind that your hair's natural texture is determined by genetics and the shape of the hair shaft, which cannot be changed permanently. While there are techniques for temporarily changing the shape of the hair shaft, they require regular maintenance and touch-ups to keep that look.

It's also important to remember that accepting and loving your natural hair texture is essential. Your hair is beautiful and unique just the way it is. Rather than constantly trying to change it, learn to work with it and improve it by showing it the love it needs! It’s all about healthy hair.

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