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Our Process

Traveling has never been easier with our simple 3-step process.  As travel advisors, we utilize our expertise, resources, and the latest technology to customize your vacation so you don't have to! What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! 



The first step is to schedule a 15 minute consultation with us using our calendar link. On the scheduling page, you can expect to answer a few basic questions for us to prepare for our call. Our calls are designed to get more in-depth details on what your dream vacation looks like.  Don't worry, we don't mind if you are home in bed with your bonnet on!  All that matters is that we get to know each other so we could better understand how to best serve you! By the end of the call, we will schedule another meeting.  In the meantime, we will be working our magic to bring your vision to life!


After we have worked our magic and added the finishing touches to your proposals, it is time for our 2nd call! During this conversation, we will go over 2-3 different proposals for your vacation while taking into account your budget.  Prepare to be amazed because you will be one step closer to your dream vacation! You can expect for us to go over every detail in your itinerary and answer any questions you may have.  If you are ready to book, GREAT! If not, that's ok too!  This trip is all about you so feel free to take a deeper look into the proposals and explore all the links.  Just remember we are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. When you are ready, we will schedule another call to go over your decision.



This is the part our clients love most! You have made your decision and now all that's left is for you to pack! We take care of all the arrangements outlined in the agreed upon itinerary so you don't have to! You can expect for us to be completely transparent along the way, verifying charges before making them and sending you all of your confirmations.  You will also receive helpful resources to make sure you are 100% ready for your trip, as well as important contact information in case you need to reach us if the unexpected happens!  

Get ready for your next adventure!

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