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International Women's Day: Empowering Women, Embracing Our Curls

International Women's Day is a time to honor women's accomplishments and bring attention to the ongoing fight for equality. It's a day to think about how far women have come and to call for change in areas where discrimination and inequality still exist. Even though there has been progress, women still face obstacles in both their personal and professional lives. Today is a chance to stop and think about what women have done for us and to make a promise to make our society more fair and equal for everyone. It's a day to celebrate women's perseverance, strength, and achievements, but also to remember that there is still work to be done.

One aspect of women's identity that we need to celebrate is our hair. Hair can be a powerful symbol of our heritage, culture, and individuality. For those with curly hair, especially Black, Afro-Latina women, and those of mixed race, our curly hair is a defining characteristic that should be embraced and celebrated for years to come. Unfortunately, those of us with curly hair are still looked at as unprofessional and unkempt when it comes to professional and formal settings.

While the natural hair movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, with more and more women choosing to wear their hair in its natural state, free from harsh chemicals and heat damage, we still have a long way to go. We still need to continue to challenge societal norms and expectations of what hair should look like.

Accepting our natural curl pattern isn't always an easy choice for us ladies with curly hair. We have been conditioned to believe that our curly hair is "difficult" or "unmanageable" and that we should do everything it takes to make it straight. But with the help of the natural hair movement, we are learning more and more every day how to love and appreciate our curls for what they are.

International Women's Day is a reminder that we should all be proud of who we are, and that includes loving our natural hair. It's a time to honor the many ways in which women are amazing and powerful, and to revel in the ways in which our differences unite us. It's also a day to remember that our differences are what make us special and powerful.

So, to all the women celebrating International Women's Day, embrace your curls and be proud of who you are! To join the natural hair movement, subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on events and retreats catered toward embracing our natural curls! We also encourage you to share your personal hair journey by tagging us Instagram using #curlsgonewild for a chance to be featured.


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