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The Language in Hawaii

Hawaii's official languages are English and Hawaiian, but there are many other languages spoken on the islands. Pidgin is a Creole language that grew from a mix of English, Hawaiian, and other languages spoken by immigrants to the islands.   Pidgin has its own unique grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and is widely used in informal settings throughout the islands.

Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Filipino (Tagalog) are also commonly spoken in Hawaii, reflecting the large immigrant populations from those countries. A large number of Hawaii's establishments welcome Japanese visitors and provide services such as Japanese-language menus and signs.

Hawaiian is a Polynesian language with a complicated grammar and pronunciation system that can be difficult for non-native speakers to learn. However, many Hawaiian words and phrases are widely used in everyday conversation, and visitors to Hawaii may hear them frequently. "Aloha" means "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaiian. "Mahalo" means "thank you" and "ohana" means "family".

Languages spoken in Hawaii are a reflection of the rich cultural history of the islands, so tourists can expect to hear a wide range of tongues while they're there. English-speaking travelers to the islands, however, won't have any trouble conversing with residents because English is commonly spoken and understood.

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